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Deposit  Policy

I will request a deposit at my discretion. Paying a deposit shows commitment to our session time and is an integral part of my screening process. If I request a deposit your session time is not set aside for you until your deposit has cleared.

Your deposit is non-refundable and can be transferred to another booking time once if 24hrs+ notice is given.

If you cancel your booking or request to postpone within 24hrs the deposit is forfeit and a new deposit will need to be paid.

If you do not show up to your booking the deposit is forfeit and until you have paid the remainder of the booking fee I will not book you in again.

On the rare occasion I cancel our booking I will return your deposit immediately or we can reschedule.

I provide multiple ways in which to pay a deposit to ensure there is an option to suit you!

Amount: $100/hr

**amount may increase depending on booking type/length

Bank Transfer: Once you have transferred the funds you need to send me a clear photo of the receipt. Your deposit must be in my account (not pending or uncleared) before our booking. Please ensure you book with enough time to allow this to clear.

BeemIt: Preferred deposit method as it is immediate and discreet. You will need to pay your deposit via BeemIt for all short notice bookings.

SmartATM Deposit/Bank Deposit: A photo of the receipt is required and funds must be available in my account before our booking.

I understand it can sometimes be a process to get your deposit paid. I appreciate the effort. I lieu of a deposit I will accept 1-2 references from other reputable escorts (I need to be able to verify ads/social media).  You will need to provide these 48hrs in advance. You will need to be a regular client of theirs. You will also need to have permission from the provider to have them as a reference. 

Time is very valuable as I am sure you can appreciate! Paying a deposit gives us both peace of mind that each party is committed and will show up at the agreed time.