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Frequently Asked Questions

Why haven't you replied to me?

I have found that the clients I connect with best are those that do not require hand-holding during the booking process. If your initial message does not include a name/details of the service you would like to book, I will not respond. I aim to respond within a few hours on weekdays (9am - 5pm). Sometimes, especially on weekends and evenings, replies may be 24hrs. It is best to pre-book for those times.

Why does it seem like you are never available?

​Believe me I know the feeling! I am a low service provider and rarely take same day bookings. I can be very flexible with my availability if you contact me 24-48hrs in advance or better yet a week! I like to plan out my time and be prepared. I feel I cannot do this if you are messaging me 1hr before you want to book! 

Do you offer natural services?

I do not provide unprotected services on you nor unprotected intercourse.

What is included in your service?

Due to Queensland legislation, I cannot list service inclusions on my site. I don't like to give out a service list or 'menu' and my preferred clientele do not ask for one. My GFE includes all the services I offer. My latex experience is my GFE + latex play. 

Can I wear latex as well?

Absolutely! I would love for you to wear latex!

Can I make a booking without paying a deposit?

If I have requested that you pay one then no, you cannot. If you cancel or do not show up, the deposit is a small compensation for the time I have put aside.

Do you have a preference in regards to age/ethnicity?

Regarding ethnicity, I do not have a preference and will not exclude you based on that. There is no need to inform me of your race when booking. 

Do you see disabled clients?

I do, however, my property does not have wheelchair access. I am happy to wave my outcall fee for those that need this access. 

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