I want you to imagine walking into my relaxing candlelit room. Soothing music plays as soft scents waft around us. I stand before you, a vision with sleek hair, luminous and enticing blue eyes and flawless creamy skin graced with luxurious lingerie. Your fingertips glide over my soft natural breasts, indented waist and curvy hips — a petite yet curvaceous figure. Your hands begin to cup and squeeze as your desire grows, and you lose yourself in the feel of my silky smooth skin. My enchanting blue eyes capture your gaze as our lips draw ever closer. Our eyes close, and we sigh softly, melting into each other’s warm embrace as our lips meet; our kiss, gentle at first but becoming fiery and passionate. Our moans of pleasure and need filling the room as we succumb. Where we go from here, I will leave it to your imagination. In any scenario, know that I  will worship and spoil you.

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