• FayeFantasia

What can we do on an extended date?

I recently saw a post where a client asked providers if it would be weird if they booked a dinner date and purchased lego to put together with a provider. In absolutely no way is this weird, and honestly, I would love to do this!

It did make me wonder if some people are interested in booking longer dates but are not sure what to do during our time! So, I have compiled a few things that I love to do and look forward to sharing the experience with you - you need only ask!

Brunch honestly has to be my favourite meal! I know quite a few delightful little cafes where we can meet up and indulge the appetite we worked up beforehand! Perhaps you have a favourite place you would like to share with me?

Botanical gardens! A stroll, some lunch at a delightful restaurant followed by, you guessed it, a special dessert.

The original idea of building lego together is very appealing!

Maybe a puzzle is more your thing? If spending some quiet companionship with someone is what you are after, let me know what you need.

A wine and painting outing.

Any theatre event! Honestly, you can't go wrong here. I have a deep love for ballet and opera, especially.

Comedy shows

Let me watch you play your video games (is that an outdated term?!) or teach me how to play, and we can make bets!

Beach Day - need I say more?

Art gallery or museum

There are so many things we could do together in an extended booking. How about we start planning our perfect adventure together?