• FayeFantasia

News and Announcements for 2022!!

Beautiful Humans!

What a year 2022 has been already, hey! If you’re into astronomy of the spiritual type, apparently we were in a Venus retrograde to start the year, and quite frankly, I’m going with that explanation 😉

A special note for those struggling through, I see you and I'm proud of you. We can do this. Take care of yourselves and don't set those expectations too high. Its been a rough few years but we have made it this far!

I know many of you have been contacting me for bookings throughout January, but for reasons, it has been an unintentional and unannounced personal month. I will be getting back to each of you who sent through a proper enquiry on Monday, 24th Jan. I appreciate your patience! If you do not receive a response, please check to see your enquiry has the required information.

Here are a few announcements for this year!

I now offer a naughty GFE experience, ‘Wicked Loving’. It will be available for select clients only. If you are a cheeky regular patron of mine, please do ask, and if you are newly enquiring, keep those messages pristine 😉

My rates will undergo a restructure/increase in March. I have been given the opportunity to pursue a different avenue within the adult industry around that time, and my focus will be there for some time. I will be prioritizing extended bookings/dinner dates, and my rates will reflect that. Rate changes will not apply to regular patrons and those that have pre-booked.

I will be starting the journey back to my naturally blonde hair on 27th Jan. I will post updated selfies on Twitter and Scarletblue. New photos will be posted on all websites in March! I am very excited to show you all some changes!

I have turned my Instagram into a personal account, and I removed all followers who were not mutual and not peers. If you were removed, it is not personal, and you didn’t do anything wrong I just changed the purpose of that account and made changes to suit!

My availability will be regularly posted on Scarletblue and, when I can figure out how, on my website ;)

Here is to new and wonderful experiences this year!